CNU employee arrested for murder

29-year-old Anthony Exum. Photo courtesy of NNPD.

29-year-old Anthony Exum. Photo courtesy of NNPD.

Newport News Police Department detectives arrested Anthony Exum, age 29, on June 19. Exum is charged with first degree murder and using a knife in the commission of a felony, said NNPD spokeswoman …


Profiling student band Oh No & The Disappointments

With summer comes television binging

1. “Game of Thrones”: Like I said last week, “Game of Thr...


Cloaked in Mythtery

If your roommate dies, you get straight As.
The myth is that a few years ago a York girl’s roommate died and the semester following her roommate’s death she got straight As. I don’t know if it was because...

“A” goes on her first date

Everyday heroes

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