Sending an edible tweet


You’ve heard of a telegram, but how about a cookie text? Yorktown resident Jeanne Fiocca started her own business with that same name and concept in June this year.

To order a cookie, the customer goes onto the CookieText website ( to type and send the “edible tweet” he or she would like sent to any person or group. The message could be anything from “Happy Birthday” to “Happy Valentine’s Day” or even apologetic phrases like “I’m sorry I was a numbskull.” Once CookieText receives the message, they bake a fresh eight-inch by eight-inch square chocolate chip cookie with white frosting and write the message with chocolate icing. The cookie is delivered to a requested location within a four-mile radius of the company’s location in Yorktown.

Fiocca, creator and owner of CookieText, was originally trained as an occupational therapist. She finished her medical training at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1997 and worked as an occupational therapist at Riverside Regional Medical Center until 2000, when she decided to stay home to take care of her children.

“I do find that occupational therapy helped because a lot of my training in occupational therapy was breaking tasks down into smaller steps and I have found that I use it all the time,” she said.

While at home, she struggled to find cakes for her young stepdaughter, who wanted cakes with designs on them such as Pokémon and Hello Kitty “before they were cool.” Fiocca started baking cakes with these designs herself, later adding cookie cakes to her repertoire for special events, friends and family.

Although she has no formal training, she has learned through baking for almost 15 years.

She worked out the creative aspects as she volunteered for things like the chess club at her children’s school.

“I just kept thinking that I was giving money away,” said Fiocca. “You buy stuff for chess club and then you don’t turn in the receipts to the PTA or…I felt like staying at home as an at-home-mom was starting to cost us money rather than just be no money coming in.” She started thinking of ways to make money off of her cookie cakes when she came up with the idea of creating “an edible tweet.”

Fiocca officially opened her business in June and made her first delivery on Oct. 3.  She finds running CookieText to be “the perfect soccer mom business” because she can put her children on the school bus in the morning, go off to make the cookies and deliver them and come home before her children do. She sees her business becoming a franchise and hopes to expand in the Hampton Roads area.


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  1. Teri

    I really appreciate seeing Jeanne take a dream and turn it into a business when all we are hearing about is the job market is in a slump. Jeanne proves that with enough perseverance and hard work it's possible to make your business a reality.