The love doctor is in

CAB Presents: Valentine’s Day Live Group Sex Therapy. It is not what you think.

By the sound of the title one can imagine what the agenda could be: a participatory masturbation exercise to break the ice, followed by a few team-building exercises, maybe some naked trust falls.

Luckily it is none of these, but if you did just imagine the entire CNU student body performing in a virtual sex circus in the Gaines Theater then this event is definitely for you.

Curious non-perverts are invited too, but don’t expect there to be any inhibition or shame as Daniel Packard takes the stage on Valentines Day for CAB’s Group Sex Therapy event.

Packard, a self-described love coach and transformational entertainer, is renown for his unapologetic methods bringing humor to touchy sex education issues and at the same time promoting a genuine conversation about building healthy relationships.

“He uses technology to make the audience feel more comfortable about sex and asking questions,” said senior Amanda Rivera, the CAB member overseeing the event.

During the event, students will be invited to text questions and comments to a specified number, which are then displayed anonymously to generate discussion and hilarious musings by Packard.

“CNU doesn’t really have any sex educations,” said Rivera. “It is more of a funny and enjoyable way to bring sex education to CNU.”

The name has certainly succeeded in raising a few eyebrows. “We are hoping that the name will bring in a lot of people,” said Rivera

“The title is definitely catchy,” said senior Jose Barrios. “People are going to immediately ask you questions on what the event is really about.”

Many students see this event as and opportunity to honestly address issues that normally would not be open for discussion and also voice frustrations about the opposite sex.

“In that type of environment would be more able to ask questions,” said senior Christina Anderson, “I can talk about sex among my close friends but in general I don’t feel you can be open about it at CNU.”

“It is a great idea; a lot people are frustrated around [Valentine’s Day],” said Barrios. “It would really benefit both couples and people seeking a relationship.”

In the last two years CAB has hosted similar events, named Sex Rules, that showed a strong turn out but this is the first time CAB invited Packard to perform.

So instead of going to see that mushy over-rated romantic comedy, try something new this Valentine’s Day and spend it exploring new arena’s in your relationship, and if you are single – what else are you going to do on Valentine’s Day?


  1. CNUFella

    Hey folks, I do believe this is feature story. There's a difference between news pieces, articles and features.

    Also, I don't see the story calling out anyone specifically, and there are certainly no mentions of religion.

    I think the article perfectly mirrors the fun-loving theme of the event that it previews.

    You people are so touchy.

  2. anon2

    The opening to this article is garbage. If you're covering an event to encourage attendance (I assume), why would you accuse those interesting in attending of being shameless perverts?

  3. anon

    This is definitely the most unprofessional article I have EVER seen on the Captain's Log. It is closed-minded, ignorant, and riddled with typos. Where do you find your writers?!

  4. student

    I am completely comfortable with (and excited about) the idea of this event and will definitely be attending; however, I am completely uncomfortable with the author's blatant judgement and condemnation of those who might have different ideals. This article could have simply offered information and student opinions on what appears to be an awesome event yet the author decided to insert his own commentary at the very beginning discrediting himself and his writing.

    I sincerely hope Christians and other religious groups on campus will not be turned away from this event – and I doubt they will be as they are not close-minded as the author suggests.

    Journalistic professionalism and religious tolerance. They're really not that hard.