On-campus vs. off-campus: Living in Port Warwick

Courtesy of mrwilliamsburg.com

Port Warwick is an apartment complex that is located on Jefferson Avenue, about seven minutes away from Christopher Newport Universtity’s campus. Port Warwick has acquired a reputation among the CNU Community as a primary component of the social scene. However, many students choose to live there even after hearing the rumors and stereotypes of Port Warwick. If you ask residents of the Port Warwick community, they will inform you of what it is truly like to live in Port Warwick.

According to upperclassmen, there are many advantages of living off campus. Roland Chandler, a senior at CNU, appreciates the separation between school and home provided by living in Port Warwick. “I definitely want to come to school to get things done. But it’s really nice to get off campus and escape from it all. It’s more relaxing to be away because you appreciate your time on and off campus,” said Chandler.

Another reason that students choose to live off campus is that it is cheaper than living in the residence halls. “I lived in the Greek House and that was really fun to live with sisters, but I wanted to get on my big girl horse,” said Nicole Bunce, junior at CNU, as she described her reasons for living in Port. “My family can come and visit at my place. Two of my sisters and all of my friends live in Port. No one said bad things; it was significantly cheaper. For someone who is paying for my own way through college, living off campus seemed like the best option”.

Most Port Warwick residents would say that living in Port Warwick provides a more satisfying experience than living in other apartment complexes. Austin McKim, a senior at CNU, values the management at Port Warwick. “I think for a college student, Port is probably the best options around Newport News because of the community, pricing and accommodations, like the free-food Fridays” said McKim.

Bunce also values the management and community atmosphere at Port Warwick. “Port does so many good things for me. If something is broken, they are good at fixing it. It’s got a pretty strong community,” said Bunce. The reputation clouding Port Warwick comes from the weekend reputation that Port has received. “The stereotype: the partying, social people of CNU in a way. Maybe they are a little bit more out of control, or like to drink too much, or don’t value things in the same way,” said McKim.

However, most Port Residents would consider this a misconstrued perception of Port Warwick. “People have a stereotype of people living in Port, and it’s sad to see that stereotype. I moved to Port because it’s nice and a good price,” said McKim.

Port Warwick takes serious precautions to ensure the safety of the area and verify that residents are following the rules. “On weekends, sometimes it gets to be a little too much. For example, the first weekend back at school can be pretty noisy. But typically it’s not that bad, they have cops and security,” said Bunce.

With all of these factors in consideration, most Port Warwick residents would agree that Port Warwick is not as notorious as it appears. Just like every other apartment complex, Port has its problems. “The noise and the weekends, the walls and floors are thin,” said Chandler as he gave his opinion on what the cons of Port are.

Other residents would agree that the stereotype is inaccurate. “If you live in Port, you’re not going to party all the time. It’s really not crazy. There are so many times on weekends when we just watch movies and hang out, or walk our dogs,” said Bunce. With a respectful community, enthusiastic management and affordable price range, most residents of Port Warwick consider it to be the logical option for living off campus.