Shopping for a cause

Shopping is a favorite pastime for many Americans and has been for decades. Stores are even more accessible today with the advent of the internet, where all it takes is a click of the mouse and a credit card to buy that new pair of shoes. For some sites, a portion of the money spent towards that pair of shoes can double as a donation to a deserving charity. Here are three websites that allow consumers to donate while cyber shopping.

This site allows consumers to pick what charity they want their donation to go to. It can be a school, non-profit or other charitable association. They offer more than 2,000 online merchants, from merchandise to services and travel agencies. Looking to send flowers to that special someone? Go through We-Care and you will also be able to make a donation. You can buy jewelry, ink for your printer, get that junk in your garage hauled away, get insurance, have your taxes done and much, much more through We-Care. The amount of donation from the purchase varies with each vendor, as listed on the site. Most donations range from one to 25 percent of the purchase total, with one vendor even offering 32 percent. Whatever you are looking to buy will surely be found here. They even offer a list of coupons to use for select vendors. You can save and donate money at the same time!

Good Shop (

This site also has a massive database of stores, divided into categories based on what a person wants to shop for: health and beauty, books and magazines, banking and finance, home and garden, pets and more. There are big name stores like Kmart, Staples, Nordstrom and Apple that are all available for shopping and donating. It also has an array of coupons that can be used when shopping, to help the consumer save money. Like We-Care, the amount donated varies with the store, but is usually less than 10 percent, with a few stores going all the way up to 25 percent. It even has its own toolbar for web browsers so you can shop and donate any time you feel the itch to buy some new clothes or music. It will also remind you to go through Good Shop when you plan on buying something, to ensure that proceeds are donated. Like We-Care, the consumer gets to pick to which charity or school they want their money donated.

This site gives donations to schools and select charities. The charities are divided into categories for you to browse through. To find a school, just type in the name or area code of that school into the search box. Just like the two previous sites, this one also has a large selection of stores and businesses to choose from, including That’s right college students—rent your textbooks and give back to that elementary, middle or high school you loved so much! You can also shop at JCPenney, DWS, Walgreens or book a night at a Holiday Inn.