Spring redecorating

Let’s face it: spending day in and day out in the same, boring, old room can become a mental downer. But a trip to the Tar-Jay to spruce up your space can be costly. Never fear—as you start your spring-cleaning and begin lugging furniture around your room, here are a few great tips to help you glam up your room and stay on budget.

Decorating a wall like in junior Christina Cooper's room is one way to add spunk to a room. (Rosa Lee Harkrader/The Captain's Log)

Decorate a wall 

Well, not exactly—I do not think Housing would look favorably on pasting wallpaper up. But wall decals aren’t just for kids anymore! They are now sold in chic, cool patterns, are easy to apply and remove (which is very important) and are super cheap. Just make sure to apply them all on the same wall—your accent wall—or your walls will look messy.

Cover the couch

Does your university-provided couch’s color look a little like what you puked up last Friday night? Buy an inexpensive throw with a cool design and cover that ugly thing, tucking in the edges tightly. It will give your living room some color, shield you from the germ-infested cushions that countless backsides have sat upon, and will come off easily at the end of the semester!

Use a mirror to create more space

This is especially important to the ladies, but guys should know what they look like before they leave their room, too. Adding a funky or elegant mirror can make your room a party or make you feel like a Victorian lady, depending. Mirrors make spaces seem twice as large as they actually are, so if you are feeling a little like your room is a prison cell (Santoro…), throw in a mirror.


Signs are cool. Fake road signs, or a “No Trespassing” sign are quirky décor for blank walls because they give a relaxed feel to the room. Just make sure it is not a real road sign…

Add color with curtains

If the room suffers from the winter blues, consider adding a breezy curtain in a light shade. They are inexpensive, give a space color and can add a great texture to your pad. Just make sure to use a tension rod for the curtain, since Housing doesn’t allow screwing any kind of bolts into the wall.

Buy colored light bulbs.

Cooper uses colorful lights to brighten her room. (Rosa Lee Harkrader/The Captain's Log)

Regular white light has been done. Try a special pink light bulb, which will warm up your space instantly and give your room a cozy, homey feel. It is also less irritating on the eyes, so keep it by your bed to fall asleep faster than you would with a normal lamp!

Agree on a rug

Bold print rugs can pull an entire room together… plus, it is nice to have something soft under your toes instead of the cold floor of the CNU residence halls. These can get a little expensive, so collaborate with your roommate(s) and then put it in the center of the room for all to enjoy.

Plan Ahead

As for planning for your future home sweet home, talk to your roomies for next semester now and see if you all cannot decide on a style to decorate your room in, such as a color scheme or pattern like stripes or animal print. If you talk about it now, you will have time over the summer to scour the stores for pieces that will fit into the theme of the room.