Greek life

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha held “Around the World with ASA” in the Freeman on Monday, Dec. 3.

Around the World was one of four recruitment events that ASA has held this semester. The sorority invited female students to converse while enjoying a variety of ethnic food, including oriental food, pasta and food from Salsa’s.

“General Tso’s chicken in my favorite food at the event,” said senior and ASA member Christine Patinella.

This was ASA’s third time holding their Around the World event. Although the event is not annual, the last time it was held having taken place two years ago, it does get a good amount of attention.

“Around the World appeals and caters to everyone,” said Patinella.

The variety of food helps bring a larger crowd to the event, giving ASA members a better chance to recruit new sisters.

“The best part is getting to meet all the new people,” said sophomore and ASA member Emily Carr.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

The Nu Epsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa invited CNU students to join them in the DSU Ballroom on Dec. 3 for “50 Shades of Pink: Love, Sex, Relationships, & Everything in Between”.

The event caught the attention of many students, so many that AKA had to bring in extra chairs and tables for the attendees. The audience included females as well as males, and even a few romantically involved couples.

50 Shades of Pink was a discussion about relationships. A professor in CNU’s Department of Communication and International Association for Relationship Research Board Member, Dr. Knight, led the night’s discussion.

After all guests were seated and nibbling on snacks, the AKA members passed out pieces of papers to give those that felt awkward asking questions a chance to do so anonymously.

A few of the written questions were chosen to start off the discussion. Once the question was read aloud, an AKA member gave a response, followed by a guest and ultimately Dr. Knight’s thoughts on the subject.

Dr. Knight spoke not only about individual types of relationships (family, life-long, friendships, intimate, professional) but also of how different kinds of relationships affect one another.

The discussion topics were chosen by Dr. Knight, starting with the question “What makes a healthy relationship?” and eventually focusing on sex.

Once a new topic was brought up, Dr. Knight asked a question that invited the guests to participate. The students were very active throughout the entire discussion, including the outnumbered males.

An AKA member had to time how long was spent on each subject because the crowd was so involved in responding and sharing their relationship stories with the group.

With most of the topics covered, AKA had to end the discussion after two hours, leaving many students with their questions answered from multiple perspectives.