Students at CNU voice their opinions

President Obama made history once again by being elected to office for a second term on Nov. 6, 2012. This outcome has created an even larger schism between the liberals and conservatives of the nation. The liberals were obviously ecstatic about the result of the election.

However, the House of Representatives still remains mostly Republican, according to CNN, which will pose an obstacle to the legislation of various policies. President Obama will essentially continue this uphill battle, which commenced his first term in office.

The implications regarding the legislation of policies with a conservative House resulted in several complaints from the American people, who were frustrated with the sluggish progress and reformations Obama promised at the beginning of his first term.

However, although the progresses of Obama’s policies were slower than desired, he was still able to accomplish several essential victories. He was able to find and annihilate Osama Bin-Laden, he ended the war in Iraq, and helped rejuvenate the US economy.

Sophomore Elexus Buckner said, “ [President Obama] doesn’t get any respect for the successes he’s had. It’s sad. The people want him to do this and that, and since he isn’t always able to, they will simply blame him.”

On Nov. 6, millions of Americans were tuned in to their local news stations to see which of the candidates would be assigned to the Oval Office. The race to 270 electoral votes sided in Romney’s favor for most of the night, but by a very slim margin.

However, California supplied Obama with a significant boost in the votes, which has voted Democrat since the 1988 presidential election, according to CNN.

The final state that sealed Obama’s victory was the battleground state, Ohio.

When the winner was announced, there was a large variation of emotions from the citizens.

“I was disappointed by the choice of the American people,” freshman Ian Grosskopf stated. “I feel Romney could do better for the economy.”

In juxtaposition, Elexus Buckner described herself as feeling “Flabbergasted, overcome with joy and emotionally moved all at one time,” when Obama was announced as president for a second term.

This second term is going to be crucial for President Obama because the expectations of the American people are set high once again and Obama will need to work tirelessly to fulfill these.

Buckner believes that Obama’s second term is very critical and that he will succeed.

However, Grosskopf believes he will make a significant difference to American society, but not a positive change.

Grosskopf said, “The national debt will increase significantly.”

In terms of his policies, Grosskopf said, “[Obama’s] foreign policy isn’t as aggressive as it needs to be. We are a superpower and can’t remain idle. The deficit spending is unacceptable because it is an ineffective way of jumpstarting the economy.”

Buckner said, “[President Obama’s] understanding of common man as a whole in terms of providing affordable college and universal health care.” Buckner also stated, “He is not archaic or barbaric with his policies and considers all and not the few.”