To support Uganda, donate elsewhere

Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 has made quite a stir, going viral on Youtube with over 83 million views in only two week’s time. On the surface, this short film may seem like a promotion for a humanitarian aid program to stop a brutal warlord from enslaving and conscripting the children of Uganda into his army. If one digs deeper, it surfaces that Invisible Children only donates about 30 percent to help their espoused cause. If one digs deeper still, it becomes clear that Kony 2012 is little more than propaganda for a very specific Geo-political agenda.

Indeed Yoweri Museveni, who is portrayed in Kony 2012 as a heroic figure, rose to power with use of an army employing child soldiers much as Kony now leads, and Museveni was involved in the massacre of millions of Congolese people in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Remember that 30 percent of the donations Invisible Children is using to “stop Kony”? That’s going to fund Yoweri Museveni’s bloated military, which our own country uses to police other areas of the world, but that’s a subject far too large to broach here. Kony commands roughly 500 soldiers, and has by all reports not set foot in Uganda since 2006. Why would Invisible Children and the Mainstream Media misrepresent the truth of these matters? Snead

In 2009, a massive oil reserve —-estimated at over two billion barrels—was discovered in Uganda’s Lake Victoria. While the United States has been bogged down in a plethora of illegal wars across the Middle East and North Africa, China has been securing trade rights with sub-Saharan Africa. The inherent problem is that there is almost no support for foreign occupation currently, and so the plan was to funnel money into Yoweri Museveni’s hands, so that his country would stand as a proxy state to protect “American Interests” in Africa.

Invisible Children is funded by the Discovery Institute, the Castor Foundation and the National Christian Foundation, the three of which actively promote anti-gay legislation around the world, including in Uganda, where Yoweri Museveni has made homosexuality a crime punishable by imprisonment for life. The Co-founder of Invisible Children, Jason Russell, was recently arrested for drunkenly masturbating naked in public. This is not an organization I would trust my money with.

Now, to happier things. I want to make it explicitly clear that for all my just criticism of the Kony 2012 affair, I am very strongly in support of people sending donations to help the Ugandan people in their plight. There are legitimate local charities out there, such as the Uganda Rural Fund. I would hope that people interested in assisting Uganda would do a little research before donating blindly.

Chris Snead, Senior