Henry Hunter Banks prepares for Alexick Gallery

Photo by Christopher Lane

Photo by Christopher Lane

Henry Hunter Banks is a senior and Fine Arts major with a double concentration in Studio Art and Art History. Banks enjoys painting and drawing people for portraits and nature scenes. Though he has only been pursuing art for the last two years or so, he has become quite talented in the field.

Recently, Banks completed a portrait of senior Erik Ost. Ost sat relaxed on his sofa, while Banks and his girlfriend Sheree Chen, a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, admired the space they had for creative exploration and began their work using a variety of oil paints and a most excellent French easel.

Banks states, “We fell into our fate of producing a painting of the tank-topped and hemp-necklaced Erik. Collaboratively painting, we do not talk to each other. It is an awesome experience of weaving perceptions and accepting faith in each other’s marks. Collaborating with Chen is the closest thing to telepathy that I have ever experienced.”

This painting took them about an hour to complete, but the completed product was well worth the wait. Aside from this stunning portrait, the talented artist also just finished a series of five paintings for an Honors Research Stipend.

Banks explains, “The series consists of portraits of random individuals whom I photographed and interacted with for thirty seconds at most. It is about exploring my persistent faith in the goodness of human nature and the absurdity of painting as a process.”

The show opens Nov. 9, 2013 in the Alexick Gallery in the Ferguson Center.