“Last Vegas” will leave you laughing, Josh LeDuc reviews

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“Last Vegas” is one of those movies that leaves you feeling really good by the end. It stars Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline as four late sixty-year-olds throwing a bachelor party for the last of them to finally get married.

The premise seems like the AARP version of “The Hangover,” but it turned out to be more than that. The chemistry between the four actors was excellent, but there were some points in the movie that seemed a little flat.

I am a huge fan of Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro. I have heard of Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline, but I don’t remember the last movie I’ve seen them in. As it turns out, I thought Kevin Kline was the funniest actor in the movie, and he was the person I knew the least about. The movie begins with the stars as children and then cuts to their senior citizen stage of life, “58 years later.”

From there on, there were more old people jokes than in any other movie I have ever seen. The movie was very funny, but there were also several serious moments. I think this is a very strong point of the film because it perfectly blends seriousness with hilarity. It becomes apparent throughout the movie that these four men are getting a little scared of how old they have become. One of them asks the others, “Where did the past 50 years go?” That is the point when, no matter how old you get, you can still go out and enjoy your friends.

Comedies have never been known as the forefront of new film techniques, and this one is no different. This is a movie that I think would be enjoyable for all ages, and it is definitely a movie I would watch with my parents. That’s not really saying much because I’ve seen “Beerfest [Unrated]” with my parents, which is an experience I would love to erase from my memory.

Anyway, this is a movie that will have you laughing one minute, serious the next, and then back to laughing. It won’t leave you with a stitch in your side from laughing so hard, but it will leave you feeling happy. And, sometimes that is the best kind of movie.

As with every movie though there were some flaws. About halfway through the movie, I didn’t really see where it was going. It seemed to drag on about the unstable relationship between two of the characters and the plot seemed to linger here longer than I thought was necessary. There was also a love interest introduced that was not developed very well. By the end of the movie, they were together, and they had only known each other for a weekend. These flaws weren’t very large because this movie isn’t a drama or a romance, and it can afford to not develop these points and focus more on the comedic elements.

This was a very funny and very feel good movie and a movie, which again, I would feel comfortable watching with my mother rather than seeing a comedy she wouldn’t enjoy like “Bad Grandpa.” I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Even though there are some flaws, there’s nothing wrong when it comes to how funny it is.

It is my personal belief to never judge a comedic movie based on its reviews and judge it for yourself because critics are extremely hard on comedies, and this movie did not get very good reviews. Right now on Rotten Tomatoes, it is rated positively by critics at 42%, and it’s rated on IMDb at a 6.2.