What CNU listens to and why

Music provides an expressive outlet for people, including students of Christopher Newport University. Students here prove and reinforce that all sorts of musical genres can carry special meaning. Most also have that one favorite genre that summons them to recall pleasant memories

Junior Kody Khairandish’s favorite genre is classical music. “I like classical music for it stimulates my mind.” He declares Chopin as his favorite artist “because his compositions are genius, coupled with the fact that it activates my thinking. Also, his ‘First Piano Concerto’ is my favorite song of his.’” The music genre Khairandish dislikes the most is rap. Rap, he believes, “is not music at all.”

With other individuals, any music genre is fine. “I think my favorite music is really any sort of live music. There’s something special about seeing someone really engage with a song or a piece of music in real time,” said senior Adam Hart. He also said that an artist’s perception of a song is important.

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to love a song until I see someone else love it. When an artist who really loves their music performs, they teach me how to love it too, so my appreciation is built.” Hart is impressed the most when an artist can invent music spontaneously because it requires one to self-reflect. When an artist is forced to make music extemporaneously, he believes it creates a more authentic expression. “I think this is especially true when an artist makes up a song on the spot, since it’s really coming from their heart, not from their mind. Sometimes, though, a good song that comes from the heart can be made better when the artist refines it afterwards.”

Freshman Brandon Rusk enjoys all aspects of music, though he listens to one band in particular with rapt attention: Family Force 5. “My favorite artist of all time is Family Force 5, because they’re energetic, original, and lyrically clever. They basically define me as an individual. Also, Superchick was a huge part of my childhood, and their message really spoke to me. Their message was to be yourself and not let the hard times get you down.”

Rusk explains how music is not merely instruments and words, but it is the human voice attaching various meanings to the lyrics to portray a picture-or tell a piece of a story in each line. “It’s so much more than just lyrics, instruments, and melodies; it’s a way into our personal feelings and thoughts being expressed through art.”

Senior Kristina McLaughlin relishes in the country genre. “Country music is my favorite. I just simply enjoy singing and dancing to country music with its fun and upbeat songs. Additionally, the slower songs in country music are soothing. There are more songs that people can relate to rather than for singing and dancing. Each aspect of country music touches me in a different way, whether fun and upbeat, or slow.”

We all listen to music for various reasons, whether it’s to relieve stress, to hear someone speak to us about everyday things, to add excitement to our lives. Music serves as an outlet to express ourselves with our inner feelings manifesting through rhythmic sounds. As a particular artist serenades us with dulcet tones, they exert some form of influence on our mood.

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  1. Kelly

    I believe this is particularly factual when aperformer makes up a song on the mark, as it’s really approaching as of their compassion, not from their mentality. Thanks for this awesome writing though.