10 ways to tell it’s Fall all at CNU

  1. There’s candy everywhere. Since Halloween is right around the corner, it’s a whole lot easier (and way cheaper) to buy copious amounts of candy. Also, you’re no longer being judged for being stuffed full of more junk food than a vending machine.
  2. The long-sleeved spirit wear is out. Everybody has it. It’s finally cold enough to wear long sleeves, but with a limited variety of thermal school apparel. It’s not long before nearly half the campus owns the same shirt. But it’s not like everyone’s worn it on the same day… yet…
  3. The tours begin. And they’re everywhere. Granted, that’s kind of the point of a tour, but sometimes running into a herd of hopeful Captains gets a little inconvenient. If you want to give people the best impression of CNU, perhaps the tours should just walk by the gym instead of going into it. We look downright scary when we’re working out.
  4. The Uggs come out. The moment the temperature dipped below seventy, the Sperry’s were pushed to the back of the closet, and the Ugg’s resumed their place in the seasonal spotlight.  It’s not just Ugg’s–it’s boots in general. “Boot weather” is an essential part of fall, ask any girl.
  5. You get this strange urge to watch “Halloweentown.” Or any other Disney Halloween movie, for that matter. So what if it’s only September? Fall reminds you of being a kid, and being a kid reminds you of Disney. If Disney doesn’t cut it for you, there’s a Tim Burton film that will remind you fondly of the nightmares you used to have as a child.
  6. Everyone’s making their last beach trip. The water gets colder long before the air, so as calendars creep closer to mid-September, students slink off to the coastline much less frequently. Eventually, they’ll give up on sand until spring break.
  7. No one stays for the weekend. Although break season is on the way, there seem to be unofficial weekends where half the campus takes off, leaving CNU feeling (appropriately) like a ghost town. On the bright side, those of us still here no longer have to go Hunger Games to figure out who gets the next washer.
  8. You can’t go a day without hearing  about “Howl-O-Scream.” Given the convenient location of Busch Gardens, coupled with our deep-seated need to get scared out of our wits, it is no surprise that at least one of your friends has gone at least once and come back with stories to tell. By the time Halloween rolls around, even if you didn’t get to go, you know all about it.
  9. It gets stiflingly hot in the dorms. Maybe you don’t notice it when you’ve been in the room a while, but if you come back from class or a jog outside, the moment you step into the lobby there’s at least a ten degree difference. Once you get acclimated, it’s not so bad, but those first few seconds can sometimes feel like a sauna.
  10. Class sizes are dwindling. Did you notice those seventeen empty seats in your lecture class? Midterms go out, and people start dropping like leaves! Some people just drop that class, some transfer, and some even withdraw from CNU entirely, but whatever the case, once October hits, some of us take a hit.