Meet Your Captains

What’s your name?
Sarah Garret

What’s your year?
I’m a freshman.

What’s your major?
Communications and Political Science with a minor in Psychology.

If you could achieve one dream in your life, what would it be?
That’s hard. To end abortion in America with the exception of rape or the mom’s life being in jeopardy.

If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
Zac Efron. Ever since the High School Musical movies, I’ve always been a hard-core Zac Efron fan.

He’s very, very attractive.
I know, right?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
On Fox News.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I walked in on a threesome.

No! Where and why and how?
I was walking into my suitemate’s room through the bathroom. The lights are off. I don’t take this as a hint. As my eyes get adjusted to the darkness, I see people sitting down, and they’re all quiet and stuff. There were other people beside them, sitting on the floor, just waiting. I was like, “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

That’s so embarrassing! Were they naked?
No, thank God.

If your life were a song, what song would it be?
I have a song for different aspects of my life. One of them would be “What Can I Say?” by Carrie Underwood. One of them would be “Walk on Water,” by Britt Nicole. I have a lot of songs. “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Just different parts of each song, really.

If you only had five days to live, what would you do?
My dad has this organization called Orphan Helpers. What Orphan Helpers does is help abused, abandoned and incarcerated kids down in Central America. So I’d probably give all my money in my bank account to my parent’s organization, and go down there on a mission trip.

Do you have any passions? If so, what are they?
I’ve been riding horses since I was three. I really love to do that. I think I’m pretty passionate about, ya know, reading. Reaching out and getting involved and getting to know people; just, trying everything I can to become a better person and help others.

What makes you angry?
Like if I see someone being treated poorly and they don’t deserve it at all… I’ve always been one to look out for the underdog and so when I see someone being overtly rude with someone, I’ll be the one to go up and be like “Look, do not do that.” It’s one of my pet peeves.

Do you have any talents you’d be really proud to share?
I’ve been speaking for the American Heart Association since 2002, so I really love speaking to people. It’s funny, because when I’m in front of someone I don’t know, I’m fine, but as soon as I’m with people that I’m actually acquainted with, I freak out. I know I’ll see them again, versus ya know, if I screw up in front of people I don’t ever see again, I’ll be able to forget about them anyway.

Give a shout-out to someone on campus.
Hey Emma, thanks for being the best RA that I’ve had. Ya know, it being my freshman year, I was really nervous about being away from home, and your motherly embrace and attitude toward us has really helped me to be a better person with everything.


  1. Amanda Connan

    I liked the questions you asked in the interview. You actually get to know the person. Last weeks was lacking in that respect. Good job!!

    • Jen Bowman

      The questions from this week are the same, except for the talents question and the invitation of a shout out. Perhaps the answers were better this week?

  2. Sarah Jane

    This is a lot better than last weeks meet your captains. You do a lot better than the last person that wrote it.