At your service 12/4/2013

Home for the break does not mean taking a break from service.

All semester we have been reading textbooks, writing papers, and gathering various bits of knowledge to help us when we embark on our lives as CNU alumni. We have been making new friends, catching up with old friends, and spending time cheering on all our favorite Captain teams, groups, and organizations. In addition to all this, many of you have been working in the Newport News community. By participating in one of the many one-time service opportunities or through developing relationships with CNU’s community partners, we have been helping to alleviate and solve the problems our community faces every day.
As winter break approaches many of our students will be returning to Charlottesville or Northern Virginia.  I am not from either or these areas but from what I know about the world in general, no place is perfect and a little help is needed just about everywhere.  With your free time over break find someplace near home to lend your time.  You’ve lived in many of these places for years and should be rather familiar with the community. Get plugged in just like you have plugged into to the Newport News community.  Reach out to your neighbors or old high school friends.  As we’ve talked about all year long, serving others can take many different forms and faces.  Find something you enjoy doing and use that to help those around you.
But before you go and as you are preparing for classes to end please remember, just because there is a big test coming up or final projects to finish doesn’t mean our Newport News community doesn’t still need us.  Poverty never takes a break.  Hunger doesn’t go away for the holidays.  Young girls will still be trafficked and the earth will continue to warm.  Our beautiful campus often allows us to forget the problems our neighbors are facing.  Do not let final exams cloud your thinking and take up all your time. Whether you have an hour or five hours take a break and spend that time serving our community.  We have made a commitment to always support and help those around us, not just when it is convenient for us.  Do not use this as an excuse to not study but learn to manage your time well – balancing schoolwork, your social life, and serving.  Let the time you spend serving others, serve you as a break from the mind numbing hours of studying in the Trible Library. Keep up the good work Captain’s because there is still plenty to do.