CNU’s December graduation

For 167 undergraduate and 13 graduate students, the CNU experience is quickly coming to an end as they prepare to receive their degrees at their graduation reception on Dec. 13.

Although there is no formal graduation ceremony, CNU hosts a dessert reception for the graduates and their families in the Ferguson Center every year. According to the commencement website, CNU has only one commencement per year, which is held in May. All August, December and May graduates will process together on May 10, 2014, for the 88th Commencement Exercises.

Lindsey Battles, a current senior, is graduating this December, earlier than her expected graduation date of May 2014. “I’m missing out on the cap and gown ceremony, but I want to try and come back in May,” she said, to join her classmates in walking across the stage. “I’ll be missing senior week. If I have a job, I’ll have to get time off, but I wanted to graduate early because as an out of state student, I’ll be saving money on tuition,” she said.

Other students graduating in December expressed concerns about feeling left out from the graduation experience in the spring. “I definitely wish I could have walked with all of my friends in the spring graduation ceremony and celebrated senior week,” said Felicia Morris. “The December ceremony is not nearly as exciting when compared to everything CNU does for the graduating students in the spring semester.” However, Morris was projected to graduate in December 2013 as she waited a semester after high school graduation to come to CNU.

Zach Stettler, a business management major, was originally expected to graduate in May 2013. “It took a little while for me to get into the business school and get a move on with my major,” he said. “The course load was just too much, and I decided to just take the hit and graduate in December.” After graduation, he plans to commission as a Second Lieutenant and start training as a field artillery officer.

The top five undergraduate majors for December are biology, psychology, communication studies, history and political science. The reception will be held at 8 p.m. in the M&T Hall of the Ferguson Center. President Paul Trible and president of the Alumni Society Rich Charles will offer brief remarks.