Comedy or tragedy

By: Matthew Arends

As a result of recent events, I have decided to talk about some of the columns in this newspaper. Specifically I want to share with you about the comedy column. Yes, we all know that the writer, Stephen Bolles wrote a story that crossed the line and then some. Many of us in the student body were appalled to the point that many students of this great campus have deemed him unfit as a writer for our paper and as a representative putting forth the voice of the CNU student body.

I however offer this, a quote by Erma Bombeck, “there is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” Stephen found that line and promptly stepped over it. He has since published an apology for that act and did not try to blame his editors nor did he blame the faculty members whom sponsor the paper, but he took it upon himself to take on full responsibility for what appeared in his column. Because he has apologized, and I find that he sincerely meant every word, I ask that we show him forgiveness. Out on the great lawn there is a fountain with geese flying up out of the water. the story I heard behind those geese is that, us as the student body like geese flying in formation, are asked to help out our fellow classmates and citizens when we see them fall. If a member of the flock lags behind one or more geese flying in formation will slow their pace to match his in order to ensure he makes it to their destination, similarly as Captains we do not leave those who mess up, who lag behind, or who are in desperate points in their careers and lives. We swoop down to them and lift them out of the struggle to make them a better person and a better Captain. I ask that we forgive Stephen Bolles as he has shown repentance and allow him another chance to live up to his name as comedian writer and voice of the Captains of Christopher Newport.

That being said, i will leave you with this, “he who is lacking in sin cast the first stone.” think about it.

Sail High Captains