Finding the perfect sisterhood

It’s not every Sunday afternoon that all of Newport News has the pleasure of hearing the shrill of screaming girls from CNU’s campus. On Sunday, January 20, hundreds of students gathered to see the annual Panhellenic sorority Bid Day where dozens of ladies “run home” to their new sisterhoods.

This year, nearly 225 women joined the Greek community at CNU by rushing one of the six Panhellenic sororities: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Mu and Zeta Tau Alpha.

The recruitment process took place the week leading up to Sunday’s Bid Day. Mary Dittmar, a junior and new sister of Phi Mu, quite enjoyed Recruitment Week. “I loved getting to know so many amazing women who are so plugged in to our university, and I was lucky to get to know them for a week straight!”

New Alpha Sigma Alpha sister and freshman Kristina Pontillo said, “Recruitment was really great, but was really exhausting and had a lot of late nights. Despite that, it was a great experience to meet new girls and branch out of my comfort zone to meet and talk to new women.”

One new sister who wished to remain unnamed, however, felt the whole week of recruitment was a roller coaster of highs and lows. “It was overwhelming, hard and upsetting a lot of the time. I felt like I wasn’t good enough and couldn’t measure up to be part of these organizations of women.”

In the midst of frustration, this young woman recognized the blessing in Recruitment Counselors, who were there to talk to the girls and help them process things throughout the week. “I really felt like I could trust them and rely on them,” she said. “When I didn’t get the bid from the sorority I had hoped for, I spent a solid 40 minutes crying to my Recruitment Counselors. They helped and encouraged me in the path I should take, and I grow more grateful for their guidance as I get more and more excited with each day with my new family I decided to run home to.”

Denisha Biggers, a sophomore and new Phi Mu, decided to rush her second year at CNU instead of freshman year for personal growth reasons. “I wanted to make sure I was joining for the right reasons; I wanted to know who I was in Jesus Christ first and be aware of my values so I could find an organization that would support me as I grow and make me more into the woman I was already striving to be.”

Biggers was confident Phi Mu upheld her values, and she was “obsessed with the fact they are a very faith-based organization.” That’s why she ran and now calls it home.

Girls received bids at the end of Recruitment Week, and chose out of their bids which sorority they wanted to call home. Bid Day consisted of the six Panhellenic sororities standing grouped in CNU’s Plaza outside the Student Union, and cheering and crying (and screaming) as new sisters made their choices and ran to their new homes.

Dittmar could not have been happier with her choice to rush, and knows the Greek community holds incredible people. “And why wouldn’t I want to be involved with people like that?”