Greek Life


It has been a very busy time for the women of the Panhellenic community.

Spring formal recruitment came to an end last Sunday, January 20th. Formal recruitment is broken down into four nights- open house, philanthropy, sisterhood and preference.

The purpose of the rounds is to provide potential new members a chance to see a different, more serious side of the six on campus sororities.

As the week progresses potential new members narrow down their choices as well as sororities deciding which girls they see best for their chapter.

Bid Day is perhaps one of the most exhilarating, exciting, and loud days of the year for the Panhellenic community.

Panhellenic President Sarah Ball describes how this year was different from the past. “We held Bid Day outside for the first time, which was incredible, because we got so much support from fraternity men and the rest of the campus and they got to see an extremely exciting process of new members being revealed to their chapters.”

Overall there were 307 women signed up for formal recruitment compares to 216 last year and the retention rate increased from 85% to 93%.

Formal Recruitment 2013 was a giant success and now all women of the Greek community get a break to enjoy their new members and connect with sisters.

Interfraternity Council (IFC):

IFC began their rush process this week with about 100 interested men at their “Kick-off, Cook-In” event as well as 100 men at Open House and another 50 attending poker night.

The Formal Smoker is the last event and according to IFC President, Spencer Stanfield there is a large freshmen interest, which is exciting.

This year IFC is working towards launching a website, having an official t-shirt to promote Greek unity among the fraternities, and creating an IFC judicial committee.

They also raised the GPA requirement to a 2.6 for interested members and adopted the philanthropy of the Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula.

One of IFC’s biggest successes this year was the Lip-Sync competition.

Other Greek organizations competed with choreographed dances and themes and as a result,

$700 was raised and 200 pounds of food was donated to the Foodbank just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

IFC is coordinating with Panhellenic to plan Greek Week.

IFC has an executive board comprised of six members from different fraternities.

“It’s been a year of progress for us and we hope to continue that momentum through the end of our term,” said Stanfield.