Student Assemby Update 2/13

By: Emily Caldwell, Student Assembly President

Student Assembly’s weekly meeting was on Monday at 5pm and Board of Visitor Scott Millar was present, which was a nice treat for the delegates and the Executive Board to have some interaction with a Board member.

Student Assembly is proud to announce York River delegate, Dylan Kramer took on a project of lowering the price of guest gym passes. If you have a meal plan and have a friend visit and want to take them to Regattas or Commons for lunch there is a guest pass built into your plan. Before, the gym would charge $10.00 for a guest pass; Student Assembly realized that this wasn’t very efficient and went about to change this. Dylan set up a conversation and had the price re-evaluated. the new price is now $5.00 for a guest gym pass. This is a huge difference from $10.00 and we are excited the Freeman staff was willing to work with Student Assembly to have the price cut in half.

Safe ride is still in need of volunteers to help run on the weekends, it has been a stagnant process because of the lack of people wanting to help and it is important to note without volunteers we are unable to run.

Student Assembly will be formulating a survey to be sent to students questioning which television networks they would like to see added to the existing cable plan. We have been in contact with William and Mary and are seeing what plan they have that could provide more wanted TV networks. Please look out for the survey and let us know what you would like to see.

Also with the approaching housing Lottery we all wish you good luck in finding your new home away from home; and “may the odds be ever in your favor!”
Our weekly meetings are held on Mondays at 5:00pm.

Please contact Emily Caldwell or Bobby Wieler if you have any questions or concerns.