Ravens top 49ers, 34-31

It seemed as if this was going to be one of the most lopsided Super Bowls in recent memory. The Ravens and 49ers started the second half with the Ravens up 21-6, then a touchdown return by Jacoby Jones to start the second half made it 28-6. Soon after, half the lights in the Super Dome went out for 34 minutes, and San Francisco capitalized. In one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in recent memory, this year did not disappoint.
The Ravens took an early lead after San Francisco punted and Baltimore scored with a TD pass from Joe Flacco to Anquan Boldin. Later in the first, after some back-and-forth with no points scored, David Akers kicked a field goal and put San Francisco on the board with a score of 7-3 to end the first.
After a forced fumble that the Ravens turned into a TD, Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers made history; he became the first 49ers quarterback to throw an interception in a Super Bowl, which is an astounding stat as they’ve played in six of them. This streak was broken with a pass intercepted by Ed Reed. Even though the Ravens did not capitalize, later in the second quarter, Jones made an amazing play. Flacco threw the ball down field and, while falling, Jones made the catch and was never touched by a 49ers player. He got up, spun around one defensive player and ran left and dove into the endzone. The 49ers would kick a field goal and that would be the end of the first half.
After a dazzling half-time show, which saw the reunion of Destiny’s Child, Jones returned the kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown, the longest return in Super Bowl history.
Soon after that, half the lights in the Super Dome went out, causing a long break for both teams, which San Francisco capitalized on.
When they were able to return to play, the 49ers defense shut down the Ravens offense (which, when they stepped back onto the field, hadn’t played one snap in 84 minutes) and Kaepernick led his team down the field and scored two touchdowns and a field goal to bring them back into the game.
In the fourth quarter, the Ravens offense struggled, only managing to get two field goals in the final quarter. Kaepernick did what he does best and ran in for a touchdown to put them down only by five.
However, late in the fourth with San Francisco on the 10-yard line of the Ravens, the Baltimore defense stopped them on fourth down to get the ball back. Finally, with about 12 seconds left and the Ravens not able to get any offense from their own five yard line, they punted. But their punter ran around the end zone then out of bounds, giving the 49ers only two points and four seconds left. With one final punt and the return only to the 50, the Ravens won their second Super Bowl in 11 years.
It was truly a story-book ending for a team that overcame injury, the death of their owner, Art Modell who passed away Sept 6, 2012, and the doubt surrounding them.
At midfield the Harbaugh brothers shook hands, with Jim congratulating his brother and John telling him that he loves him.
Concerning the power outage, power companies Entergy and SMG released a statement after the game, stating that the dome’s systems “sensed an abnormality in the system…opened a breaker, causing power to be partially cut to the Super Dome” (as reported by Fox59).
In the end, Ray Lewis ended his career with a Super Bowl, Flacco finished the playoffs with 11 TD’s and no interceptions, throwing 22/33 for 287 yards, while Kaepernick was 16/28 for 302 yards but only 1 TD and the interception he threw in the second.
It was a fairy-tale season for the Ravens who have had their ups and downs, but they can now rest easy knowing they have done what they wanted to do; not only win for Lewis, but for Modell, who is probably smiling at them now.