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As I continued to digest the biggest sporting event of the year (and possibly also the biggest meal of the year) I felt the utmost satisfaction from watching the Super Bowl. I mean what didn’t the game have? From the controversial commercials with naked men dancing around in Calvin Klein underwear to watching a close up of a computer nerd macking on Leonardo Dicaprio’s girlfriend. We were spoiled with excellent musicians performing patriotic songs in Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, and we soon won’t forget the stunning halftime performance by Beyoncé. Seriously it has been awhile since I could say the Super Bowl Halftime Show was watchable. The past decade of performances included acts that were both mediocre and outdated or the horrendous Black Eyed Peas. The game itself turned into an exciting end with what some in San Francisco would call a controversial non-call on a 4th and goal with under two minutes left to play in the game.
There were plenty of memorable moments in this year’s Super Bowl. I don’t think we will ever again encounter the awkwardness that was the 30-minute stadium blackout. One second I am watching the Niners first drive in the second half to watching the top of the Superdome for five minutes with complete silence. For a couple minutes I thought the world had gone mad considering this was the Super Bowl and I’m watching the interior of stadium with no commentary. If there is one thing live TV still has over everything else is those awkward moments of silence. But then I remember this is America and we can turn a stadium blackout into an instance punch line. We truly find entertainment from the most mundane of things. If people can sit and watch Buckwild and Honey Boo-Boo Child, screenshots of the inside of dark stadium can look quite fascinating and even engaging.
After the blackout, the game on the field went from being a blowout to almost the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. For Nines fans they have to ask “what if?” What if we didn’t give up a 108-yard kickoff return to start the second half? What if we converted the 2-point conversion to tie the game up at 31? What if we didn’t waste a timeout early in the third quarter when you desperately needed it in the final minutes?
I like to think of the reaction if the Niners came back and won the game, how many Baltimore fans would blame it on the blackout. There would have been riots. But to keep sanity, the football gods allowed for the legendary Ray Lewis to go out on top and give Baltimore their second Super Bowl victory in franchise history. Watching Ray Lewis holding up the Lombardi Trophy as his teammates made “confetti” snow angels just seemed fitting. I don’t think I will ever comprehend watching Joe Flacco winning Super Bowl MVP. To me that whole part is just a bizarre nightmare, but as a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan it does give me hope going into the offseason. If Joe Flacco can win a Super Bowl maybe Tony Romo can… Ok I know I’m crazy but I can dream can’t I? Now that it is the offseason and everyone’s record is 0-0 we all can dream big.

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