Sports talk weekly take

For me this past Sunday was really weird. The day itself was normal and actually quite relaxing, but something in my subconscious told me otherwise. As I lay out on my girlfriends couch flipping between a basketball game, a hockey game, and Ocean’s Eleven I realized how unsatisfying it all was. Nothing on television was close to satisfying the deep void that was left when the clock hit triple zeroes at the Super Bowl. The feeling sank in. There was no football today. For the first time in six months (includes preseason games) there was not a single football game on Sunday. I became a little unsettled scrolling through the T.V. guide looking for anything that could feed my addiction.
I was going through withdrawl, to say the least. But this feeling and withdrawal is nothing new to me. My post-Super Bowl depression, or Super Bowl Hangover, is an annual occurrence that takes place the first Sunday after they stop playing the game I love so much.  To me the day feels worse than the day after Christmas, and we all know how much that day sucks. It is a day I dread and try to never think about during the season.
I try to pretend that day will never come and it will be football season all year round but I know this day is inevitable. To me, nothing gives me the rush like watching a football game on Sunday. It was always that thing I could look forward to every weekend. No matter how bad my week got I knew Sunday was around the corner to make everything better. I remember the feeling I got waking up on Sunday mornings knowing it was Game day and I knew exactly what I was going to do that day. It was my ritual. On Sundays it was my life. For some sports fans they know the exact feeling I am going through, for the normal people in society I will put it bluntly. Imagine having your favorite hobby just ripped out our schedule cold turkey and you wont be able to do that hobby for a whole six months. Doesn’t that suck or what?
My consolation is that I know there is still plenty to look forward to. Pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training this week is a breath of fresh, clean spring air. March Madness will soon capture the entire country’s attention, as we fill out our brackets. The NFL Draft is always a fun time in April. The NBA and NHL will begin their final sprints before the playoffs, and heck if you are into racing, the Daytona 500 is coming up too. As more Sundays pass I will feel more like myself and other sports will grab my attention. Hopefully my Caps can get back in the swing of things, and I have waited all winter to ignite my Natitude (don’t judge me).  The truth is, there is life after football and it is a damn good one.

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