A Tall Order

Freshman Olivia Laughter prepares a bagel sandwich in the backroom at Einstein’s. Jordan Schmuckler/the Captain's Log

Freshman Olivia Laughter prepares a bagel sandwich in the backroom at Einstein’s. Jordan Schmuckler/the Captain’s Log

Have you ever gone to Einstein’s, ordered a delicious grande caramel macchiato, and wondered, “What is it like working here?” Well, it turns out that working at Einstein’s is an attainable goal. Just ask junior Samantha Olsen, who has worked at Einstein’s since freshman year.

“I love it!” Olsen said on working at Einstein’s. She has worked there since the fall semester of her freshman year, and as of late, she has moved up to the position of Student Kitchen Manager. Olsen works Monday through Friday, usually from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., contributing to her 30 hours of work per week. Balancing her time can become difficult. Last semester was a rough transition for her with the new promotion and early opening shifts. However, when asked if her time management has improved because of the early shifts, Samantha replied, “It has definitely taught me to value every moment outside of work.”

According to Olsen, the staff experiences odd and detailed orders every day. However, one order occurred that Samantha will never forget. One time she received a sandwich order of 20 bagels, which was frightening considering that other orders were coming in as well, and people were patiently waiting for their orders to come out. Surely we have all gone to Einstein’s when the line is 15 or more people long. How does the staff handle that? According to Olsen, they have a system for rushes. Each person has a task. One person takes the orders, one person fills the cups with flavoring syrup, one person retrieves all of the food items, and so on. This would explain why the average rush usually only lasts a few minutes. The staff’s teamwork makes the process much easier, allowing the students to get their beverages quicker.

Sophomore barista Kayleigh Wagner began to make a drink order for her customer before he even ordered. Why? Because he comes into the café every day, and the two have formed an impressive bond over their love of coffee. This only proves that a job at Einstein’s provides ample opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable connections, so if that interests you, Einstein’s is the place for you.

With that being said, are there ever any rude customers? Olsen went on to say that the staff does not really experience rude customers. Instead, someone may simply just be having a bad day. The staff is usually able to sense when someone is having an off day, and try to instead be sensitive to that situation. It would make sense that stressed-out students come in for a venti cup of coffee, without wanting to make small talk with the barista.

In short, Einstein’s offers fun, worthwhile jobs that teach students better customer service and time management skills. While sitting at the bar at Einstein’s, one can easily see that Einstein’s employees are hard-working and socially invested in their customers.