Meet Your Captains – Steven West

Photo by Jordan Schmuckler/The Captain's Log

Photo by Jordan Schmuckler/The Captain’s Log

Steven West is a down-to-earth guy with tons of ambition who is making the best of his time here at CNU.

As a senior, he is focused on his passion for lacrosse. Steven has played defense for CNU lacrosse since his freshman year, and it is safe to say that lacrosse takes up most of his time. The team practices every day with the exception of one day off, and they usually play up to three games per week. Essentially, this sport is like a full-time job for Steven. However, Steven did not seem the least bit stressed when talking about all of his lacrosse priorities. Instead, West stated, “Once you have a routine, you become a creature of habit.”

This has, in a sense, helped Steven with his academic performance. He agreed that playing lacrosse has helped him in learning to manage his time better. Over the years, getting more organized and balancing his time has become easier for him. According to Steven, it is all about learning to “play the game,” – the game in this instance being college.

Along with staying focused on school and lacrosse, Steven mentioned several people who help him get through the stressful times that occasionally occur. Along with his lacrosse teammates and Head Coach Todd Boward, Steven said that his friends, junior Ryan Long and sophomore Harrison “Stump” Drier are his biggest influences, and have provided the most support and inspiration.

Moreover, Steven’s social life stays intact through all the commotion of lacrosse season. It would be easy to assume that he has to sacrifice a social life due to his devotion to lacrosse, but this isn’t the case; West’s main social group consists of athletes on either the lacrosse team, the soccer team, or the field hockey team. “I’m never short of friends there,” West said.

So what are Steven’s plans for after graduation? This biology major hopes to obtain his post-baccalaureate degree at the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine before fully diving into medical school.

Steven exemplifies the life of a fun-loving and devoted guy. That, in fact, is what he wanted his identifier to be. He shows how one really can have it all and maintain a proper balance in life.