Receiving feedback for finals

At the end of the semester, students take their finals and then quickly evacuate campus. But who ends up actually reading all of the comments that professors cover their exams in?

In order to find out details about how they did on their exams, students have to pay their professors a visit during the next semester. Even then, they are not allowed to pick-up their exams; instead they are only able to review it with the professor because of a university policy that requires professors to keep final exams for a year

Although unable to give students back their final exams at the end of the semester, English Department Chair Dr. Filetti is open to going over the exams with her students. “Sometimes students will come to my office to discuss their exam, and I am happy to go over the exam with any student who would like to do so,” said Dr. Filetti.

If Dr. Filetti assigns a final paper instead of an exam, she will use the track changes feature and send the student a copy of the paper with her comments and a copy of the rubric.

Other students do not get as much feedback about their final exams. Junior Lindsey Freeman and senior Gaby Alvarez both said they do not receive any comments about their exams; they are only able to see the letter grade on Scholar.

However, both believe that receiving comments about how they did would be helpful in the future. “I’d like to see what I could do better because it could help me in other classes,” said Freeman.

Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Department Chair Dr. Adamitis also believes it would be helpful for students to review their final exams. But since professors are required to hold onto the exams, students have to take some initiative and contact the professors.

“I think the MCLL faculty would actually really appreciate it if more students came to find out how they did on the final. We’re very happy to provide the feedback to students but it has to be a joint effort,” said Dr. Adamitis.

Professors in the Modern Language Department usually share their office hours with students or invite them to make an appointment to go over their exams. However, not many students take advantage of this opportunity.

Alvarez has tried stopping by her professor’s office a few times in order to go over her final. “The times I’ve gotten feedback it’s been helpful because I can be aware of my strengths and weaknesses in the topic going into the second part of the course,” said Alvarez.

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  1. JacobBe5

    I will definitely be stopping by their offices to go over the finals. I think it would be very useful to go over the exams to see my mistakes and ferret out the root cause of them.