A theater enthusiast’s journey

Bonnie Newton, a fourth-year theater major and classical studies minor, has filled her college days with numerous theatrical productions and endeavors. 

From performing to writing to directing, she has had a hand in several on and off-campus theatrical projects, including assistant directing last year’s “Macbeth” and producing the 14th Annual “Page to Stage” event at the Kennedy Center. 

According to Newton, the producer of a theatrical endeavor is in charge of “contacting theater companies and scheduling events”. Her theatrical journey began in sixth grade, when she joined the drama club with her friends in middle school. 

“Once I started, I couldn’t stop,” she said. “When you know you’ve created something that has touched or changed someone else, that’s one of the greatest feelings ever.” In high school, she formed her own theater company along with a few of her friends. At CNU, she found her place to channel her passion in the theater department. As a freshman, she served as assistant stage manager of their production of “Odd Couple”. 

Current president and founding member of the Improvocateurs, CNU’s all-female comedy group, Newton developed both an appreciation and great skill in comedy over the years. 

Last summer, she studied at Second City, the largest comedy theater in the country, and she recently performed a solo stand-up act at William and Mary, where she discussed the wonders and hilarity of Costco. In addition to stand-up and theater, she also has adopted an interest in circus hobbies, such as making balloon animals and riding a unicycle. 

Last year, she served as assistant director of CNU’s production of “Macbeth.” She explains that it can be difficult to work with everyone’s schedules, since everyone has to attend rehearsals. 

Also, it can be challenging to put on a “high-quality production on a relatively low budget.” 

As she looks beyond the safety net of campus, she expressed concerns about President Trump’s intentions to cut funding from the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts, as she plans to continue her stage-life as a career after college.