Summer TV Roundup

Summer break has only just begun, meaning plenty of time to catch up on shows missed throughout the school year. And for freshman readers, it means a chance to create a painless and universal icebreaker. Sparking plenty of talking points, these shows can turn even the most awkward of conversations into something engaging, and can establish much needed common ground. The shows listed are a variety of different programs that are popular through word of mouth on campus as well as on social media platforms.


Game of Thrones (HBO, HBO GO)
With its seventh season airing in July, chances are that Game of Thrones will be a popular topic on campus. The show centers on multiple families fighting for rule over the land of Westeros. Each point of view gives a different storyline and perspective of the main characters and their families. Plot twists, epic battles, drama, and endearing heroes are a portion of what the show has to offer. Stream it over the summer to be spared all of the spoilers that may drop.

The Office U.S.  (Netflix)

The Office follows a group of ordinary office workers at a paper company, led by their slightly incompetent yet loveable boss, Michael Scott. Michael’s antics result in office mishaps, often fixed by the staff. The diverse and complex array of the office workers turns typical, mundane business tasks into relatable, hysterical events, that nary a person on campus is unfamiliar with.


Parks & Recreation (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon)

Though the fourth-wall breaking style of Parks and Recreation is the same as The Office, this comedy is by no means a knock-off. When a man falls into an old pit, Leslie Knope, deputy director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, decides to fill in the pit and replace it with a park. The ensuing events involve the government workers daily interactions, their political pursuits, and their humor-filled attempts to make their town a better place to live. Seen in “Knope 2012” stickers around campus, this cast of characters is well-loved here at CNU.


The Walking Dead (Netflix, Amazon)

Try not to get too attached to anyone in this thriller, as they can go at any time. The show follows a group of people in Georgia that are trying to survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Living to avoid becoming victims of ‘walkers’, the survivors find out that the only bigger danger than the dead may be the living. Based on a comic book series, it stays true to its source material while changing a few main aspects so that comic and TV fans alike remain surprised and eager to talk about it.


Breaking Bad (Netflix, Amazon)

When chemistry teacher Walter White finds out he has an incurable form of lung cancer, he sets out to provide financial security for his expecting wife and his disabled son by teaming up with a former student to sell methamphetamine. The drama’s outlandish plot is equally matched by its characters. Utterly fascinating, the rise of Walt from average joe to a drug lord offers hours of conversation.


House of Cards (Netflix)

If politics are making your head spin, turn off the news and stream this addictive political drama. Congressman Frank Underwood is House Majority Whip, eager for his promised promotion to Secretary of State from the newly elected president.  When Underwood learns that the president backed out and decided to keep him in the House, he doesn’t take the news lightly. With his equally cunning wife/partner-in-crime Claire, they set out on a path to take over Washington and get revenge on those who wronged them. While politics may not be a good icebreaker, this political drama surely is.