City Center’s Neo Kitchen offers $3 Burgers

City Center’s Neo Kitchen and Bar, connected inside of the Cinemark Theater, offers weekly specials.

Located in the heart of City Center at Oyster Point, Neo Kitchen and Bar is a well-hidden secret in Newport News.

Many people easily forget about this restaurant connected to the Cinemark movie theater: they indulge in popcorn and candy at the movie theater or assume that the food will be subpar.

This is an inaccurate assumption.

One of the location’s biggest perks is that customers are able to order food from Neo and take it into the movie theater to enjoy.

When walking in, the atmosphere is impressive, especially for being an open area adjacent to the movie theater lobby.

With more customers and staff around dinner hours, there is an added ambiance.

The service is notable, with waiters constantly checking to make sure each customer’s experience is exceptional.

Neo offers six signature dishes including chicken wings, the tempura mixed veggie platter, wedge salads, the Matinee Burger, chicken tender sandwiches and fish and chips.

The Matinee Burger and chicken tender sandwich are both delicious. The chicken tenders are cooked to perfection and the burgers melt in your mouth.

Neo offers a special promotion on Wednesday’s, selling the Matinee Burger, their plain burger, for the low price of $3. For only a dollar more you can add toppings such as bacon and avocado.

For only $2.95, you can order delicious truffle fries coated in truffle oil and parmesan pieces.

Another unique deal Neo offers is the “757 Lunch” from 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. on weekdays. This includes salads, sandwiches, wraps and appetizer baskets all for $7.57.

All entrees on the menu are under $20, making this hidden treasure inside City Center a go-to place for college students who want to eat out for an affordable price.

Photo by Katie Krynitsky/The Captain’s Log