Excellence in Student Writing Award

The University Writing Council is selecting the winner of the Excellence in Student Writing award soon. The award is facilitated by the Alice F. Randall Writing Center. 

According to Dr. Nicole Emmelhainz, the director of the Writing Center, this contest comes once in an academic year and its main purpose is to aid in promoting a writing culture at CNU. All CNU undergraduates were eligible to apply for the award. 

The award winner is chosen based on several criteria: their understanding of writing as a process, their willingness to receive feedback to revise a final version of their work and their pursuit of developing papers outside the scope of the classroom. 

Students were asked to submit a 500-word person statement, one or two evaluated papers and two faculty recommendations. 

“We want students on their own to pursue writing projects beyond the classroom,” explained Emmelhainz. 

She said that the students should be focused on creating works for a larger purpose than solely for a grade. 

This award will contribute to the push for a writing culture on CNU’s campus, something that the University Writing Council has been working on cultivating. They are currently working on a plan to revitalize other aspects of the writing culture at CNU into the next academic year. 

Emmelhainz says this will include implementing new strategies and programs. The University Writing Council was created in 2011 and is mainly made up of junior faculty. 

The provost at the time, Provost Padilla, appointed a task force target at creating a signature writing program at CNU. Dr. Jeff Gibbons from the Neuroscience department, Dr. Mary Wright from the English Department and Alisha Willson-Metzger from the Library staff all were original members. 

This award is one of the many ways that the writing council will help develop the writing culture here at CNU. 

The announcements of the winner will be coming at the end of March. The winners will receive a cash prize and a certificate.