Horror Films Haunt

Campus Activities Board recreates some of your favorite horror films in the Auxiliary Gym for its annual haunted house event.

The Campus Activities Board’s annual Halloween tradition of putting on a haunted house for students continues this year. This time, the organization is adding a twist, featuring a haunted maze of creepy characters from multiple horror films.

“This year’s theme is scary movies,” said CAB member Chase Ziegler about the inspiration behind this year’s event.

“I wanted to move away from a complete hospital theme, like last year, and to a broader subject,” said Ziegler.

The layout will consist of various areas with different characters or and staged setting in each separate one.

Possibilities will range from classic horror movies that everyone knows and love to popular horror movies that have caused a lot of buzz and feedback within recent years.

However, the event is still maintaining an air of unspoken spook and mystery that comes along with most haunted houses.

“You can expect lots of different rooms, and the rest is for people to find out when they attend,” hinted Ziegler.

Although recent temperatures make it hard to believe, it is the prime season for haunted houses, hayrides and fall festivities as Halloween quickly approaches.

Nearby haunted houses in the Hampton Roads area include Granby Manor and Spooky Acres, but this frightening experience has the luxuries of free admission to students and is just walking distance from your residence hall.

CAB’s Haunted House will take place this Friday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Freeman auxiliary gym.
For a dose of Halloween thrills and to see those haunted films come to life, bring along a group friends to the annual CAB Haunted House for an exciting adventure, and get ready for a good scare.

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