Keen on Halloween?

The top 10 DIY Halloween costumes to break out this spooky season.  

Cereal Killer
This first costume is for those looking for a pun-inspired costume. It requires only minimal shopping and should make your friends laugh. You’ll need several mini cereal boxes (can be purchased at a grocery store), some red paint or fake blood (fake blood can be bought at a Halloween store), a white T-shirt, a hot glue gun, some plastic knives and a black sharpie. Start with your white shirt, glue or pin the small cereal boxes (which should be empty )to the shirt in any random pattern. Make sure to leave room in the middle for you to write Cereal Killer in black sharpie large enough for people to clearly read. In the remaining white spaces and on the cereal boxes drizzle the fake blood or red paint. You can then stab the plastic knives through the cereal boxes. You’ll probably want to try gluing the knives to the boxes so they don’t fall out. Be sure to let everything dry thoroughly. Pair this shirt with jeans or leggings and you’re good to go.



Piece of Fruit: Strawberry or Pineapple
If you’re looking for a costume for a group or just want to fly solo, this costume is the one for you. It’s a simple colored T-shirt and leggings combo. You will need some black or white felt, a plain colored shirt (either red, green, or yellow) and a hot glue gun. Take your felt and cut out small v-shaped pieces that mimic the pattern on a pineapple or the seeds on a strawberry. Glue these pieces to your shirt in a pattern that resembles seeds. Let everything dry and wear your favorite black leggings. If you and your friends decide to go with this you can all choose different fruits.


A Bandit
This costume works either for you and your “boo” or just yourself if that’s your style. You will need a striped shirt (long- or short-sleeved), black jeans, a black mask, black gloves, a black hat and a bag with a dollar sign on it. To make the black mask you’ll need a piece of black felt, scissors, glue and a piece of string which all can be bought at a craft supply store. Cut the black felt into the shape of a mask, cut two eye holes out, and then glue the string to either side to make a mask for your face. Alternatively you can just buy a black mask from the Halloween store or party store. For the money bag you can use any canvas bag you have and print off a large dollar sign to glue on the side of it. Wear your get-up, hold your bag and be ready to snatch some candy to fill that “money bag.”



This is a timeless classic often chosen by those of us who forgot about Halloween. The only things you need for this costume is a cowboy hat, a bandana of any color, a plaid shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of cowboy boots. If you have long hair, braid it into two pigtails or one braid. Tie the bandana around your neck. If you feel so inclined you could purchase some toy pistols but it’s not necessary for this costume.


When Life Gives You Lemons
Another pun-themed costume that requires two free hands. You just need a handful of lemons three or four should do the trick, a white shirt, a black sharpie and a pair of leggings or jeans. Just simply write LIFE across your chest and keep those lemons handy to give out to unassuming party-goers or trick-or-treaters. This costume may go over some people’s heads but those who get it are going to get a laugh out of it.



Identity Theft
You’ll probably need a little bit of patience for this one, but it’ll be sure to win you a few laughs wherever you go Halloween Night. You’ll need a black hoodie, a pair of sunglasses and a packet of name tags. The name tags can be bought from party city or any other party store. This is where the patience comes in: you’ll have to write random names on each of the name tags. After you’ve done that, you’ll take those name tags and stick them on your hoodie. Put on your coolest pair of shades, slip that hoodie on and be ready to show off your many names.



Ceiling Fan
You may need a sense of humor for this costume. A pair of cheerleader pom-poms, a T-shirt or sweater, a pleated skirt or pair of leggings and black felt letters that spell out “Go Ceiling!” will complete this outfit. You’ll need to glue the words “Go Ceiling” across your chest, after letting that dry pair the shirt with the pants or skirt you’ve chosen, grab your pom-poms and get ready to cheer on that ceiling.




Breakfast at Tiffany’s
A classier costume that doesn’t just have to suit the females of CNU. All you need for this costume is a black dress, black stockings, black heels, a cigarette holder, a pair of black sunglasses, a pair of black, long gloves, a string of pearls (fake ones are perfect for this look) and a Tiffany blue bag. You don’t need to worry about purchasing a ring from Tiffany’s to complete this look, any blue bag (like the one pictured) with the word “Tiffany’s” written on it will do. Throw on your get up and be prepared to stare wistfully at any store-front window that you come across.

Fortune Teller
No one will know better than you how your Halloween night will turn out. To complete this look you will need a pair of loose pants, a puffy shirt, several colorful scarves, a ton of costume jewelry and your best attempt at winged eyeliner. The goal here is to look as mystical as possible. Your scarves should be layered around your waist and you will save one to tie around your head, you’ll want to wait on that last scarf until you’ve done your makeup. Focus on lining your eyes with a dark liner, trying for wings but we all know that nobody’s perfect. Give yourself a chance to try out that dark lipstick you’ve been eyeing and complete the look with a scarf tied around your head. Pair this with the costume jewelry and think up your best fortunes.

Three Blind Mice
We’ve finally made it to the end of this spooky costume list. This costume requires at least two other friends for it to make sense. You’ll need black leggings, a black shirt, a grey tutu (instructions to come), a black walking stick, a pair of mouse ears and a pair of black sunglasses. To make the grey tutu you’ll need a string of elastic measured to your waist and at least 15 to 20 pieces of grey tulle cut into strips. You can purchase these things at a craft supply store. Tie off the grey tulle pieces to the elastic string and sew it together into a circle to fit your waist. This is your tutu. To make the mouse ears (which you can buy) you’ll need a black headband and two black circles cut out of construction paper. Glue the circles to the headband and you’ll have your mouse ears. Throw on your getup, grab your walking stick and put on your shades. You’re now ready to hit the town with your blind mice counterparts.


Photos Courtesy of Pinterest