Not one, but two roommates: What it’s like to be tripled

There is a common fear of “getting tripled” when coming to college. All of the plans you made with your future roommate have been foiled by adding another person to the mix. Whether you were placed with a random roommate, or you were that random, you may experience mixed feelings at first. Aside from receiving a small refund from the school, there are plenty of perks to being tripled in the residence halls. “I got to meet my best friend. Even if you don’t match well with one roommate, you will probably like the other one. It feels like a giant sleepover every night,” said freshman Kira Sislak.

At first, students worried about space issues involved with three roommates, knowing others might be placed in the same size room with only two people. “Going from growing up the only child in the house to finding out I was tripled was nerve-racking at first, but it turned into the biggest blessing. It gave me two people to lean on and growth with, two of my best friends.” said freshman Madi Edgar. Adding a third person to your room provides opportunities to connect with more people, and the housing office may be unknowingly placing you with your lifelong friends. “I enjoyed being in a room with more people with their friends always visiting,” said freshman Logan O’Leary. Having three people in a room also automatically makes it a more convenient, socially and economically. “It’s great for room supplies because you have an extra person to split costs with,” said O’Leary.

Being tripled is an adjustment, especially when coming to college for the first time, but it comes with opportunities. As far as furniture and spatial issues go, you and your roommates have full reign to redesign the layout and setup of your room. “Even though everyone initially complains about the lack of space in a triple, it’s all about how you arrange your room. After a month of living there, you won’t even think it’s small,” said freshman Cameron Rice. As long as you make the most of it, getting tripled can lead to closer friendships and provide you with experiences you would not find anywhere else.

written by: Sydney Berman