Restaurant Review: Crab Shack

The Crab Shack in Huntington Park provides quality seafood, service and a panoramic view of the James River.

Only minutes from campus, Huntington Beach is a close and convenient getaway for students during the warmer months, and a popular location where organizations hold mixers and social events early in the Fall and late in the Spring semesters.

Along with sandy beaches on the James River, Huntington Park is also home to the Crab Shack Seafood Restaurant.

Located right on the water, this casual eatery has delicious, quality seafood, as well as non-seafood options, providing something everyone can enjoy.

The Steamed Crabs and Snow Crab Legs are always listed at Market Price, along with the Crab cake Dinner, Catch of the Day and other menu items that are caught and prepared fresh daily. Certain items will only be available during peak seasons, another reassuring fact that the food is served fresh.
While the restaurant is named Crab Shack, located on the water and has a to-die-for Crab Dip appetizer, the Bacon Cheese Fries at $6.95 melt in your mouth and are perfect for anyone who is anti-seafood.

If you are sticking around for dessert, their Homemade Key Lime Pie is a must-have, coming out the perfect serving size after a filling meal.
With indoor and outdoor seating, Crab Shack can accommodate over 200 customers and remains open year-round.

Even at peak dinner times on the weekends, this restaurant’s open atmosphere and waterfront views keep the establishment from ever feeling overcrowded.
Their appetizers, entrees, crab legs, drinks and everything in between are worth the visit, but what seals the deal is this restaurant’s location.

Each night as the sun sets, the restaurant’s windowed walls face the illuminating sky filled with orange and red.
Not only is the Crab Shack a great dining experience, but it also hosts banquets, birthdays and full service oyster roasts, and offers catering services

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