What NOT to Bring to College

Every year, freshmen move into their rooms with boxes of things they will never even unpack. While you consolidate all of your bedding and bathroom supplies into as few bins and boxes as possible, it’s important to pack only what you are going to need.


You will not need to bring…


  1. A Full-Size Vacuum – The residence halls all have vacuums available to check out! Since you’re responsible for cleaning your room and bathroom, compact and mini vacuum cleaners are great, but not necessary.
  2. Winter Clothes – Fall Break is the perfect time to switch out seasonal wardrobes and fill your closet with sweaters, scarves, boots and heavy coats. Take advantage of your trip home over the Columbus Day holiday and make the most of your available space.
  3. Books – As hard as it is to leave all of your Harry Potter and James Patterson hardcover copies at home, it is a smart choice. You will have enough textbooks for classes, and enough things to do in your free time that you probably will not have room in your schedule to pleasure read. If you do, there are a few used bookstores down the road and a library only a few steps away from your building.
  4. A Toaster or other appliances – With two dining halls, numerous places to eat in the DSU, and the strip of restaurants across the street, there’s no need to be cooking every night in your room freshman year. You’ll have either the 14- or 19-meal plan, giving you plenty of swipes to grab coffee to-go, but if you’re a coffee addict like many college students, a mini Keurig is a good investment.
  5. Multiples of Everything – Again you will eat most of your meals in the dining halls. They have countless cups and plates, so try not to clutter your room with silverware and dishes. With a little dish soap and a sponge, a mug or two can go a long way. Paper plates are always handy to have, especially for those late-night pizzas.


Common advice you will hear many, many times and should take into consideration is this: communicate with your roommates and suitemates. Having the luxury of all suite-style bathrooms throughout the residence halls means students also have the luxury of planning ahead how to organize their room and bathroom. Once you know who your future roommates and suitemates are, make sure to reach out and divvy up who is going to bring what! With a microfridge unit included, and at least three others to share responsibility with, pack smart and pack light.