Circulating through CNU’s library system

There are many jobs that a student can take on campus and working as a circulation desk attendant is definitely in one of the top listings. 

Beth Young, librarian, is in charge of the students who help work the desk during the hours of operation and says that there are often more applicants than positions. 

The real question is, what makes this job so special? 

Young says that it is a good way for students who are interested in librarian school post-graduation to learn about working in a library but some of the students who work the desk have different opinions. 

Adam Akari, sophomore, says “I’m usually in the library already and it was convenient. I wanted a job where I could do my homework at the same time.” 

Nicole Gould, senior, says “I like that we can do homework. Everyone’s very nice here, it’s a good work environment.” 

It looks like students come to work at the library for a variety of reasons, whether it be interest in libraries, convenience or a quiet work environment. 

Young says that students do more than sit at the desk and check things in and out. 

There are many tasks that students perform behind and on the scene. 

On a given shift a student may shelve books, help with unruly printers, answer phone inquiries and answer any questions that a visitor to the library may have. 

Often, this is one of the first places a visitor or community member my come on campus so it is important for the library staff to be trained in answering any questions about the campus that they can Young says. 

The students who are hired will be given the resources to answer things beyond the library. 

The adult staff takes on these duties as well as planning out the daily schedule, projects and handling monetary transactions. 

Young comments on the library’s construction saying that it hasn’t really affected her work beyond the initial relocation of books. 

The only added staff there is now is a secondary student help desk. Young says this job is a great way to help people. 

“This is a place where you get to see people,” she explains. 

Students who work the desk will often have down time in the off hours and are able to do homework or learn more about being a librarian. 

Between that and the flexible schedule the library offers, it’s no wonder this is such a coveted job on campus.