CNU Students Seeing the World

Christopher Newport Study Abroad is offering trips to countries like Cuba, Costa Rica and the UAE.

At Christopher Newport, the stated goal has been to help students live a life of significance. In time, a significant life might take you all over the world making business deals, looking for ancient civilizations, or even just photographing the beautiful scenery.

In the span of one’s life, the experience gained from a trip abroad can pay dividends. Many professors iterate to their classes how great of an idea it is to have some experience overseas, immersing yourself in other cultures and societies.

According to the CNU Study Abroad office, “Study abroad can be a life-changing experience. By traveling and studying overseas, students learn not only a better understanding of the world, but also a greater appreciation for America.”

The CNU Study Abroad program offers summer programs for specific subjects, as well as a semester abroad program in Scotland for sophomores or juniors who keep their grades up.

There is great news for students in the Honors program. The university required seminar for Honors students can be taken overseas.

The Study Abroad Program is now offering a program in Cuba for art and performance. For the creatively inclined who wish to see the world, you are encouraged to sign up for this trip.

Seeing the world is not exclusively reserved for the artistically inclined, however. Europe alone hosts programs in psychology, history, justice, business and political science.

The Study Abroad website describes how “You can travel in groups with faculty leaders, attend an overseas university or study alongside other U.S. students in a foreign country.”

Political science in another part of the world provides vast experience in the workings of other countries, a key skill for dealing with international relations. If you don’t speak the local language, there’s no need to worry; classes can be provided.

The university offers a sizable selection of CNU-based programs planned for this summer. Amongst the selection of programs planned for this summer all across the world are places like Costa Rica, London and the United Arab Emirates. For a full list of CNU-based Study Abroad programs, visit the CNU Study Abroad website.

If none of the destinations spark any interest, CNU is also partnered with the American Institute For Foreign Study, who also offers trips.

The Study Abroad office is more than willing to help place you in the right program. The Study Abroad office recommends you have six to nine months between your application and departure, so sophomores and juniors should act fast.

Everyone has their own reasons for studying abroad. No matter the reason, the right programs are out there.