CNU’s Week of Wellness

The last thing you expect to see when strolling through the DSU is a set of masseuses working out the kinks in your fellow peers’ backs. 

This display of holistic health is just a small part of the Week of Wellness that CNU’s Health and Wellness Services hosted Feb. 27-March 3. 

Matt Kelly, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, explained that this particular week was chosen because it was the week before spring break. 

“Let’s talk about how to be well,” he said in reference to the strain midterms can put on a student’s health. 

The week’s program was set up so that every day it represented different aspects of wellness. 

Bystander Intervention Training

The first event of the week involved looking at those who are outside of the incident, the bystanders.

 Carrie Gardner, Associate Director of CNU Athletics, was in charge of organizing this particular program. 

What is important about this type of training Kelly says is that often students are so focused on keeping themselves out of bad situations that they often overlook those around them. 

This is different from the training freshmen receive and online training  because it looks at so much more than sexual assault. 

“This is a program to educated people who witness events,” Kelly said. 

Sex in the Dark

Sex in the Dark is a program dedicated to bringing attention to things about sex that are normally kept in the dark. 

The program was set in the Washington Room in the DSU and once the event started the room was plunged into darkness. 

It was a forum for anonymous questions and anonymous answers. 

There was a representative from the Virginia Department of Health and students could hang around after the event was over to ask more questions. 

Wellness Fair

The final event of the week was a wellness fair that took place in the DSU street. 

This was a culmination of the entire week’s programs. It looked at all different aspects of wellness. 

There were representatives from planned parenthood, counseling services, a dermatologist, a massage therapy center and the Newport News Police Department.

 Highlights from the fair were free massages, the drunk goggle obstacle course hosted by CNU PD and the alcohol measuring table. 

Title IX coordinators, Matt Kelly and Michelle Moody, had students measure out shots of alcohol and then showed them how many shots they were actually taking per drink. 

Kelly feels as though the program was a success. 

The week was coordinated in part by SAVE (Sexual Assault and Violence Education), a group of faculty and administrators devoted to student wellness. 

Kelly says that he is glad to see focus on another aspect of wellness, other than sexual assault and violence education.