Gender Neutral Housing Policies make progress

Two years in the making, the Gender Neutral Housing project is still in the process of being carefully constructed and researched in hopes of being an implemented housing system in the near future.

Katherine Scott and Kelcie Chandler, Member at Large of the policy committee in the Student Diversity and Equality Council (SDEC), have been researching gender-neutral housing in other schools as well as working with the Wason Center to survey all CNU students on their thoughts of it.

Chandler stated, “We as SDEC primarily focus on diversity and inclusion on campus and how we can work with different organizations as well as administration to best serve the student body. We work to help this university continuously strive towards creating an environment that is safe and comfortable for all students. Because of that, we felt that GNH [gender neutral housing] was something that CNU really needed to consider.”

Also according to Chandler, the policy committee took all the research and its findings to make the proposal.

The gender-neutral housing proposal is still making its way towards becoming reality, with Vice President Kevin Hughes planning to present the proposal to administration officials in the near future.

According to the research by the Wason Center, out of 1782 students that responded to the survey, over 70 percent responded that they are comfortable in being able to choose gender neutral housing; 40 percent said they would or probably would choose GNH if they had the opportunity to do so.

Chandler wanted to address one of the most common misconceptions about GNH, that students would be forced to live with the opposite gender. 

“If CNU were to implement GNH, the program would be opt-in only, meaning that no student would ever be forced to live in a room or suite that was gender neutral, unless he/she requested to live in that space.”

To see the full GNH proposal, visit the SDEC’s webpage on The Compass.