Buzzin’ Becky

Becky takes on your questions and this week addresses roommate problems an anonymous submission contains.

‘Twas the week before Fall Break… Happy midterm week Captains! Study hard and rest up, it’s all quickly coming to an end.
Honestly, roommates are a touchy subject for me. I haven’t always had the best of ‘em. It wasn’t really until this year I’ve had positive experiences. Don’t get me wrong, we had good times along with the bad, but the bad severely outweighed the good. To anyone having roommate issues, I hope my own experiences are able to help and bring you some sense of relief.

My roommate and I are having issues and I think she hates me. I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want her to hate me even more, what should I do?

Roommates can suck sometimes, and living alongside people is pretty rough. While I’m not an RA and I didn’t go through extensive training on issues pertaining to this, I feel as if I do have experience with difficult living situations. I would first figure out what the issues are. If they’re pretty massive and you don’t feel comfortable in your own room, I would advise reaching out to someone like your RA to see if you can mediate the situation to help make it better.
If you feel like it’s better handled between the two of you, that’s great. Communication is a skill you’ll need to acquire for the real world, and if you can confront an issue and work to tackle it, you’re better prepared to take on real life. There’s gonna be people in life you don’t see eye to eye with, and the sooner you realize it the better your life will become. If your roommate hates you already, I wouldn’t sweat it. Make sure you’re comfortable in your own environment.
— Becky out

*Submissions have been edited for clarity and length.