The Captain’s Log Presents: Buzzin’ Becky

This year, the staff at The Captain’s Log decided it was time for some new additions to daily operations.
One of those additions happened to be an advice column, something I had dreamed of doing for a long time.
I am thrilled to be able to represent The Captain’s Log as Buzzin’ Becky and be of assistance for any (and I mean it literally­—ANY—you should see some of the things I’ve received already) questions anyone may have.
One of the positives of having this column is its double anonymous protection. No one knows who I am and I don’t know who’s asking the question.
Not only does that protect the identity of those who are going through various experiences, but it also protects my privacy as I potentially share my own personal stories and experiences.

If you’re having problems, whether it be with school, friends, family, roommates, etc., I encourage you to reach out.
I am now a big believer in talking to others in order to feel better about things that may be bothering you.
This year was one of the hardest years of my life and had it not been for the people I surrounded myself with, I wouldn’t have stayed sane. It took time to build up courage to bring up what was bothering me, though.
If any of what I’ve been through could help others, then it was all worth it. The submission link will be featured on our social media pages where you can anonymously submit questions. I hope you all enjoy Becky as much as I do!

Hey Buzzin Becky,
I am a student at another University and I really don’t like it. How do I transfer to CNU and how do I know if I’ll like it?


First of all, how did I make it past the CNU community already? Thanks for calling on Becky with the good hair. I am so sorry you’re not enjoying your time at ODU— I mean the university you chose! I can’t speak for everyone, but I know for me it took time to find myself and a good (small!!) group of friends for me to feel comfortable at CNU. College is a unique time in your life where you’re meant to put yourself out there and try new things. If you’re sitting in your room watching Netflix 24/7, sadly you’re not doing it right. Though, some days you just need to binge a season of One Tree Hill to feel okay. Before you decide immediately on transferring, try new things! Sign up for new clubs, get involved with something different to change it up a little. Socialize with people you normally wouldn’t, go to football games and enjoy the tailgates beforehand. Something that scares you a little should be good for the soul.
If you’re completely set on transferring, that’s of course another option you can follow through on. The CNU website will be able to assist you in greater detail better than I can, however after conducting a simple Google search (see next week’s column for a tutorial) you will need to submit a Common Application, a Transfer College Report, transcripts from the current institution and your high school along with a letter of recommendation.
Good luck, Anonymous. I hope you’re able to find your home wherever you are. And if not, you can always jump ship and become a Captain! Thanks for helping me build my resumé, maybe the Office of Admission will hire me postgrad.
— Becky out

*Submissions have been edited for clarity and length.