Crafting the Perfect ‘KnicksTape’

A New York Knicks fan’s evaluation of the team’s prospects and potential during the upcoming season.

If you know me, you know I am a die hard Chicago Cubs fan. My dad grew up right outside of Chicago and has been a lifelong Cubs fan himself. Unfortunately, he passed that love on to two of his own children. Clearly I have a thing for teams who like to lose, because somehow I became a New York Knicks fan on my own accord. My dad is still confused as to where that one came from, since he doesn’t like the NBA, yet here we are.

My time as a Knicks fan has been filled with heartbreak similar to the Cubs (of course, omitting recent performance—2016 World Series Champions anyone?). Honestly, it’s only preseason and they’re doing a good job sucking at everything they do. A lot of Knicks fans were completely devastated when Carmelo Anthony got traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

However, I chose to see the good in it. For one, he wasn’t really a team player. I get it, New York put him on a pedestal and he thought he was the greatest. It’s their own fault, really.
Personally, I think the Knicks will be fine without Melo. They have the potential with all the young Europeans the team has, including Latvian Power Forward, Kristaps Porzingis, dubbed ‘Porzingod.’ With Melo’s departure, Porzingis is the captain now. A lot of Knicks fans were furious when Porzingis was drafted; honestly Google it and watch grown men act like children.

However, at the end of the season they had soon changed their tune. He came along and combined his 7’3 stature with his immense skill, thus making him the unicorn by Kevin Durant’s standards.

The main problem the Knicks have this season is the overabundance of centers they have. The battle for the starting center is in full swing, and Sunday’s game saw Willy Hernangómez start in the position. Come the season opener, Enes Kanter may have won the starting position. While Hernangómez and Porzingis have history playing together, he was part of the problem on the defense.

What I wish that head coach Jeff Hornacek would see is that they really do have a lot of potential. I kept up briefly with EuroBasket this summer and saw players like Hernangómez and Porzingis dominate on the court. If they cultivate the talent they have and stop making everything a competition, they’ll be fine.

If all else fails, they might as well go all out and tank for Luka Doncic. #TANK4DONCIC.