Nodwell transitions from field to sideline

Harry Nodwell hangs up his cleats and makes the switch from playing with his teammates to coaching the boys.

Harry Nodwell played on the Christopher Newport Men’s Soccer team throughout his entire college career.
He used his four years of collegiate eligibility and has now transitioned to a coach for the same team he once played for.
He says, “it’s a tough transition because I still want to play for the team, but apart from that it’s good.”
One would think that going from playing with your friends to then coaching them could be extremely difficult, but Nodwell says he has learned a lot from all of the coaches and it is a different outlook on the game getting to be a coach rather than a player.
Becoming a coach was not just a rash decision for Nodwell, “I knew [coaching] was something I wanted to go into and I have been coaching from time to time throughout my time here.”
As an All-American he brings a lot of knowledge and passion to the game as well as the advantage that he already knows all the players from having been their teammate.
Nodwell said, “it is strange coaching the guys that I played with because it’s hard to get the respect with the players I played with because they already knew me, but so far they the players have been great to me with my transition.”
The soccer season has just started so he is now in full swing coaching mode trying to make the team as successful as he can.
The season, “could be better but sometimes soccer is tough. We just need to try and get back to the way we know we can play and hope the results come,” he said.
Most people know that being a coach is extremely different than being a player, Nodwell mentions “the biggest difference would have to be not being able to make a difference on the field but instead making a difference as a coach and giving my ideas to the coaches.”
He is enjoying being a coach for the team and the transition has been a positive one, but he says the toughest part is definitely not being able to play.