Respect and Space for All Athletes

On this wonderful campus here at CNU we have all sorts of opportunities to get out and exercise. Whether it’s in the marvelous facilities inside the Freeman Center, or just out on one of our many public fields, CNU offers students plenty of space to exercise.

However, the student body here at CNU has a little hierarchy dictating who can use what space and when. With plenty of open areas it would be reasonable to think that our student body would be able to use this space together as a community, this is not always the case. With intramurals, club sports, and varsity sports all vying for the same space it can get a little hairy.

Varsity sports typically get the most respect from the student body here at CNU.

While I think the athletes deserve the respect they receive, it is as commendable to be an athlete of any type. It takes bravery, courage, and a whole lot of patience. I can’t even remember all the times last year as a freshman while trying to practice I would get kicked off the field.

Whether it’s another team, a different sport, a club team, or a varsity team, they all seemed to take precedence over me and my training. Now I’m not saying this is wrong, an organized team does take precedence over one person, but sometimes this is blown out of proportion. Flash forward to the current school year and I am playing intramurals and club sports. I see the hierarchy established from two completely different vantage points now. The club team gets the field or space while intramurals don’t have time to form an actual practice, and then the club teams all have to fight for the right to use these areas with each other. We are all athletes here at CNU. We all deserve the same amount of space and respect as the varsity players. We should be rewarded for taking advantage of what CNU offers athletically, not be thrown into this massive heap of confusion and chaos between teams. There is more than enough space for all of us, we should start using it together and share the fields or courts and be one community of athletes. Varsity sports all have their own fields, but club and intramurals have to share and we should be working to do this together, instead of fighting each other for practice time. As a club soccer player who also plays intramural soccer, I know that a large portion of club athletes play intramurals as well. We all need to use our resources together. Maybe even building a schedule together could help build respect between the teams. If we are so intertwined we really should be able to work this out as a community of athletes, and even further than that, a community of Captains. 

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