Regatta’s Review: New and Improved

The newly-renovated Regatta’s has been open for about a week, and so far, people are loving it.

The dining hall’s expansion has a ton of new features and foods for students to enjoy, but the best part is undoubtedly the Mongolian Grille.

Freshmen had never experienced it before, and upperclassmen were excited for its return.

As a self-serve style, students pick exactly what goes into their individual bowl.

You have the choice of several different fresh meats including chicken, beef and seafood, plus vegetarian options like tofu and a wide variety of veggies, sauces and seasonings. You can also pick from several types of rice, fried or otherwise, at the end of the line.

Your finished meal tastes just like something from a real Hibachi restaurant.

Each bowl is cooked to order on a brand new round grill, which the staff also uses for Philly Cheesesteaks and omelets. As a student living in York River Hall, I’m happy I no longer have to walk to Commons just for an omelet on cold winter mornings!

The new Regatta’s expansion can hold hundreds more students and boasts a second floor dining area in a large open atrium with natural lighting.

The building also features new faculty dining rooms in addition to the new student seating.

In addition to the Mongolian Grille, Regatta’s has all kinds of other renovations and features, including a self-serve ice cream bar with toppings and instant coffee machines.

The yogurt and fruit bar during breakfast functions as a second salad bar during lunch and dinner hours.

The new Regatta’s is an awesome addition to CNU’s campus. Go check out the Mongolian Grille if you haven’t already.