A Different Type of Classroom

Recent CNU graduate Aaron Savage personally trains students to help them reach their fitness goals.

Aaron Savage is a recent CNU graduate (2016) and a personal trainer at the Freeman Center.

Starting just three years ago as a student, Savage has always been passionate about helping others learn about physical fitness and getting back in shape.

In order to be a personal trainer anywhere, not just exclusively at CNU, you have to have a certification.

Savage’s certification comes from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and required three months of studying.

After completing the certification he was good to go. Savage says he spoke to Lisa Powell, director of the Trieshmann Health & Fitness Pavilion and she immediately hired him in August of 2015. Savage says that the certification that he received only further “legitimizes your ability to train people.”

He also says that as far as Lisa is concerned, other than the certification all you need is to “have a genuine interest in fitness and training people.” And training people is exactly what Savage does.

Working weekdays after 5 p.m. after his day job as an Automation Engineer at Ferguson Enterprises has ended, Savage spends time at CNU’s gym working with clients.

With sessions that go for 30 minutes to an hour, he gets to spend all of his time assisting his clients with their fitness goals.

Every first session is the same he says.

This first free session is all about gauging where you are physically, what your goals are and what you’d like to get out of working with a personal trainer.

Savage conducts a series of fitness tests that then are compared to national averages for weight, age and height so that each client knows exactly where they are and where they should be.

He says that the first session is all about finding out what a client is in need of.

He especially enjoys the education portion of things and loves that he gets to teach people about their personal physical fitness.

After that initial session is over, the client then sets up a schedule, payment plan and outlines their goals.

Savage says that his favorite kind of session to lead is one devoted to weight loss training.

He himself got into training and physical fitness in order to lose weight. The summer before his freshman year of college he lost over 110 pounds and found that he has so grateful for his friends that helped him along the way.

This experience solidified his wishes to want to become a personal trainer. “I really want to teach you,” he says. The goals for personal training sessions can vary depending on the person Savage explains.

Some people want to lose body weight, some want to build strength and some want to just learn how to work out. He always recommends that first free session to everyone, especially if they feel like they don’t where to begin with working out.

That first session goes over cardio, flexibility and upper body strength so people will leave that session knowing where they stand says Savage.

A lot of times a student will come in and say “I want to be more fit” and Savage’s main goal is to try and narrow that down. This is where that planning aspect of his job comes into play. Once he knows the client’s goals he can then plan out a course of action to meet those goals.

Savage says that the last session with every client is his favorite because that’s where they see the progress. “When they see the progress their eyes light up and they’re proud of themselves,” Savage says.

Sometimes this is as simple as being able to do a minute long plank or notice that they can lift heavier weights than at the beginning.

He also says that sometimes clients will remark how good or strong they feel after working with him.

Savage works with about two to five clients a week, pushing them and assisting them with their goals. He loves working as a personal trainer and hopes that he can continue to do this in the future.

Photo by Melanie Occhiuzzo