2017-2018 Team

Need to contact The Captain’s Log?

For general inquiries, email Editor-in-Chief Melanie Occhiuzzo at clog@cnu.edu or directly contact the appropriate editor below.


Captain’s Log Staff

  • Melanie Occhiuzzo, Editor-in-Chief, melanie.occhiuzzo.13cnu.edu 
  • Michael Innacelli, CNU TV Co-Managing Editor, michael.innacelli.16@cnu.edu 
  • Robert Smith, CNU TV Co-Managing Editor, robert.smith.14@cnu.edu
  • Brett Clark, News Editor, brett.clark.16@cnu.edu
  • Caitlin King, Sports Editor, caitlin.king.14@cnu.edu
  • Morgan Barclay, Arts and Entertainment Editor, morgan.barclay.15@cnu.edu
  • Katie Krynitsky, Lifestyle Editor, katie.krytisky.14@cnu.edu
  • Macy Friend, Photography Editor, macy.friend.14@cnu.edu
  • Brittany Thorburn, Advertising Manager, brittany.thorburn.15@cnu.edu
  • Kelsey Schnoebelen, Business Manager, kelsey.schnoebelen.14@cnu.edu

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